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Thursday, February 17th, 2005

Subject:Rhythm of Freedom
Time:10:13 am.
of the thoughts in my head
intesify reverberations
painful pangs remain unsaid

i spoke once in your sleep
of a bitter intermission
but i'm no longer fit to weep
in my lamentable position

cry so I might die
i begged upon my wrists
they chose instead to lie
like thoughts, truthful twists

i begged for a home
in which I did not believe
so I might feel some,
just a taste, of true reprieve
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Monday, December 6th, 2004

Time:6:01 pm.

Somewhere in the depths of night
I lose track of sense and sight
and peel away each obligation
to sculpt my sanity's resignation

to the depths my soul has retreated
a humble collapse too oft' repeated
never again by the fall of sand
or living alone by work of hand

away from twins logic and reason
where dreaming knows no binding season
ever billowing into clouds
these hopes shadowed up by shrouds

covered by cause for indignation
my heart makes one more reservation
trusting in what I never know
for hopes to reap, we now must sow
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Subject:All Soul's Day
Time:9:58 pm.
withering skin tucks itself in
towards emptiness
soul slowly trickling out
as the wisdom bubbles up
then fades away

smiles of a life well lived
or frustrated isolation
panic, as time rapidly collapses
it all washes away
a bathtub of soul
seeming to slowly, peacefully deplete
a gentle draining of the spirit
when the level is low
a sudden swallow --
and it's gone

onward, down the river
flowing towards the ocean
sea of spiritual consciousness
an infinite well of divine wisdom
they gather force, these souls
ushering as one towards unity
slowly combining.. the self dissolves
a life lived in comparable static
time, place, and thought now flow
really flow
not like the subtle currents of the pool

freed from their mortal roots
ethereal hands reaching for the sun
they break from the hard earth
and drift inside the ethereal
static senses are expanded out and out
shattering the dependency on touch
sight, taste, smell, sound
they become beings of pure feeling
engaging the universe in a new way
freed, not by the addition of tools
but by the lack of them
those crutches that we hobbled on
handicapped in our fleshy shells

may they find their way unto the sea
a new means of existence
freed from all that bound us
limitless in capacity
ever understanding the endless
expanding through everything
in which the rest of us remain
engaged upon a speck

we remain a mere organ
as they become the body

~ I dedicate this to all souls
that have passed out of this
world. May they safely be
delivered to their new home.

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Thursday, October 14th, 2004

Subject:Sterile Morning
Time:7:51 am.
car engines groan under the strain
breaking their settled state
as the grease slip-sides
unwilling parts

birds would be chirping
sick on free radicals
they sleep in lazily
no songs, sterile morning

heavy feet find the next step
each asserts their prescense
loud, "thump thump thump"s
rudely woken by custom

you didn't sleep with Crawford
Mr. Jones.. and Ms. Collins,
well, you didn't really win the lottery
grumble about your broken dreams
as you spend office efficiency
trying to mend them

groaning and moaning
the day drags a higher number
to the calendar, begrudginly
but the joy has been stolen from
this sterile morning
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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

Subject:the subtle energy
Time:1:07 am.
crackling fire
slithering through cold night
illuminating empty chill
seething with vigor
embracing lonely veins

evaporated nectar clouds
forming intoxicating fog
discipline wilts
-- and collapses into ripples
tranquility undulates
as waves overflowing passion

incensing into utopia
patience overwritten
becomes silky strength
fire inside water
paradoxial perfection precipice
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Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Subject:(love) letters
Time:2:58 am.
discarded papers on the desk
receipts, jotted notes, and memoranda
flammable slips of importance and genuis
scribbled in moments of intensity
but their brilliance fades
and the genius wilts
suffocated in a pile of loose, heavy pulp

I look at these papers
and see thoughts of me
littered on the desk of your mind
their value depreciated
as they gather undisturbed
atrophic memories
fading in obscurity
into letters and ground wood
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Friday, July 9th, 2004

Subject:shooting stars
Time:10:56 pm.
crashing discord
millions of oppositions
striving for one thing
unity through explosion
through separations
every fraction
flung into heavenly bodies
until the heat fades
leaving them to
settle, drift down

they sleep together
as one
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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

Subject:streaming into creation
Time:10:56 pm.
fragments of dreams in stasis
shattering sunlight
into billions of blinding dew-drops

sleeping in seclusion
a million miles away in a needle's distance
infinitys curled between them
like toes in a row
waiting to become a foot

always curving
imperfection closing the loop
never far
from the opposite end

a million stars
waiting for distance
to meld them into a galaxy
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Time:2:39 am.

i am luscious liquid
swirling life
wrapped in
flexing rubber skin

sweet or sour
is my secret
but never quite the same

bruised by bitter soil
enriched by loving sun
soothing your buds
curling your lips in shock

my life is mine while I am perfect
break my wall to know me

sour or not,
I am of no use
dangling from the vine

pierce my flesh
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Friday, June 4th, 2004

Subject:lyrical star among the cirrus
Time:2:21 am.
Gemini decades before spewing the fog
of being born into darkness
he was presented to Cancer's celestial enemy
as a rose-wrapped shell of that which she lacked
the truth was then more apparent:
darkness was born into him

he was so human and naked pink
but lacking the trappings that humanity entailed
and he burned the crabgrass traces held on his borders
in order to create a self that was pure void
a fertile womb of emptiness
in which a truly unique seed could take its root
like fire is mother to jungle
diversity was obtained through destruction

his soul was a concrete anatomy of construction
entwined with the delicate vines of ivy
chaos, mother nature's fortuitous daughter
left her reflection all around his heart
so that Libra would not erase the city

between the cold structured steel
and the warm oak branches
a hollowness still remained at the center of all creation
inside these ivory walls lay a cascading utopia
but its isolation insisted that it had no meaning
a word in itself has no significance if spoken alone
and even a paradise meant nothing were it not shared

this lonely perfection was only a stutter
static, static, static
so it reached out and grabbed itself by the tail
and it became a circle given upon itself
feeding on his own divine sacrifices
purpose was given by purpose taken from purpose

set adrift by its contention to feed upon its own beautiful wounds
it collided against another such wandering star
both so sure that they were adrift in frozen space alone
that neither had ever bothered to open their eyes
suddenly two became one at the joint of supernova

their sudden blemishes made them perfect
ivy bound with mistletoe
silver fused with saphire
ocean dissolved into skyline
night swallowed day bled into night again

the jealous sun could not stand to see two stars so bright
that fed only of each other's light
so she swallowed up their brightness
and fed upon it like a starving vulture
she swallowed them both under two dark seas
and tucked their hearts under the sand
iron shackles chained them to the clay
as they were left to sleep away their memories

one must never discount the power harnessed
by a fulfilled abyss returned to its miserable birth
a nothing which was always nothing is simply hollowness
but a void descended from above is a stretched nothing
that craves to have its receding emptiness filled
before it collapses into and upon itself

his teeth sunk into his manacles
the acidic taste of vengance eating at it with easy determination
the ocean of suffocation fell into his aching jaw
and filled his churning pit of a heart
he ravaged the earth with his gulping tounge
and swallowed the sky, the stars, and finally the sun
filling himself with the cause of his hunger

his pure heart was petrified from anger
and shattered from his shame
littering the dust of it upon gardens
that grew exquisite flowers from his ugliness
everything that he was disolved like nourishing salt
into this world which he had tried to live without
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Sunday, April 25th, 2004

Time:11:25 pm.
midnight shrugged him off her shoulders
like so much of winter's crusted snow
he was her ice,
her cold forbidden place,
where the frozen binds could not be undone
without a steely embrace
of bitter pain

his thoughts tasted like deadly hemlock
his poems were the fluid in which he laced them
to disguise their pungent flavor
and dull the brutality of his aggression
the truth of the endeavor blurred,
in the stirring of the drink

the consciousness he knew, fell to its knees
and pleaded for redemption on the shores of void
but the ocean was no more interested
in saving this innocent seed from his bitter husk
than it was in speaking

some thought he was the ocean current
but midnight knew him better
as the undertow
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

Time:11:25 pm.
is the color held
in a shard of sunlight,
split by a mere drop of water

is waiting to cry when
your lover lies unnoticingly
only a hand's breadth next to you

is how many photographs are held
just by her face, waiting for the moments
that the camera will capture her beauty

is how long you wait before deciding
to stay and take in the city rains
or just go sleep with the bedroom window open

is when your child stares at you
the first time she notices your eyes
or when you imagine what it would've been like

is the length of a single night
when there are no voices to break it

is how long that I feel
like I've known that I loved you
before I've ever even seen your face

is how long I have waited
for someone to drink up my soul
and how long I'd thought was left before I feel it

is my sight and my reach
when the bedsheets and windows dissapear
and all that is left is liquid reality
dripping down through dreams


is what i hide from you
and hold close to myself

it is what separates
my rock and my hard place
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Monday, February 16th, 2004

Subject:from darkness
Time:11:25 pm.
I closed my eyes and succumbed to the darkness
the thunder of being hit with tidals of blindness
split my eardrums and bored a hole into my stability
my lungs were crushed for not being able
to escape the water

I opened my eyes and found only a world of monochrome
my dreaming must have loaded the wrong film
empty people stepped on in a static world
and I was paused,
but the television played white spray on and on
the channels must not be aligned

I closed my eyes and ran away from distance
I could not bear to not recognize my new home
there are no strangers in empty worlds
and no man recharges at the end of the day with wide eyes
only by the darkness could there be new beginnings
only by the darkness could the tides clear the beaches
only by darkness do eyes get their rest

I opened my eyes, but found no light
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Thursday, February 12th, 2004

Time:11:25 pm.
I act like your slamming shut doesn't hurt me
maybe you'll just open petals when its dark out
I act calm and collected, a windless lake of a man
maybe if I do, this bleeding will come to an end

I keep my mouth shut and stop talking about the past
maybe I want a medicine to cure my own disease
I keep on dragging my heavy legs over rain-spattered pavement
maybe it was never the snow's fault that I have cold feet

I speak in riddles and rhymes that I never say aloud
maybe I don't do it because I don't want to talk about it
I speak on through silence and over the tops of deaf ears
maybe I need to say things that don't need to be heard

I wait for cracks in the stonework before smashing the walls
maybe I'd rather that you just open the door
I wait for unnoticed words to give direction to my current
maybe my paths have six dimensional directions

you could just want to create something better than history

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004

Subject:the flower and the bee
Time:11:25 pm.
wet drops of glittering sunlight
saw every day that the bee woke
to participate in his flighted dance
from their perches on lazy leaves

the bee flew in thanks for sunlight
flew in praise of the sweet water
flew for the company of the wind,
his favorite dancing partner

but he flew mostly for the flower

her petals exposed under the sunlight
unfolded blankets of pure velvet pink
traced with veins of snowy white
and the scent of raw seduction

they saw his eyes swell with the sunlight
when exposed to the joy of his day
the entire reason that he ever wakes
and he always dances deep with life

but he flew mostly for the flower

he loved her image in the sunlight
every curve highlighted by shadow
and vibrant colors reflected lucidly
into the receptive orbs of his eyes

not rain, not meadows, not even sunlight
could reflect her image to him
though he thought them all beautiful still
and he praised them all in song and dance

but he flew mostly for the flower

then one day he was lazy in sunlight
wrapped in a blissful blanket of lethargy
he warmed his soul and took vacation
to watch instead of fly

he saw the flower opened in sunlight
and was sunk by the lead bearing of truth
the flower never unfurled for his prescence,
instead always because of the sunlight

but he flew mostly for the flower
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Friday, January 30th, 2004

Subject:afraid of the cold
Time:11:09 pm.
clouds drench the wall in shadow
and the ceiling is dripping with silence
and ocean of blood tries to pound an escape route
through the worn and tattered walls of your listening ears

nothing ever pierces the silence
save the wailing shrieks of insane walls
everything so quiet, like it is all watching you
you feel the pressure of all the thousands of probing eyes
that you only imagined

but the truth is the retreating sun is no more afraid
of your tears, than does it want to erase them
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Subject:she makes him bleed rainbows
Time:11:08 pm.
bags of groceries lying on the tile, they should be in the fridge
clothes strewn across the carpet in chaos and an empty microwave popcorn bag adorning the desk
in harmony with a plastic cup drained of liquid sustenance

dreams scattered over the windowsill like rose petals
the flavor of their lovemaking washed into the bedsheets
he can smell it while he dreams of her

a lonely light on in an empty sky falls over a void of thoughts
fingers poised over keys hungry for words that taste like her
words like 'vibration', 'infinite', 'eggshell', and 'flowing'
idle needles sit in his mind, destined to sew a new blanket
a blanket rich with her colors, to keep her heart close to his in all shades of nighttime
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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Time:9:26 pm.
her eyes never close though her limbs may fall asleep
reflecting an even brighter hue when the moon falls on them
she is never silent, yet rarely do words escape her lips
only strangers still pay much attention to her droning tone
she knows more than four hundred times a thousand people
though few of them recognize each other in her house

she swallows up everything in her dominating prescence
and her stomach is abated only by a craving for more hunger
her dark tresses fall down long and trail on to infinity
slowly dissolving into the abyssal black of the night sky
she never moves from her appointed position of her cold throne
her doors taking in her subjects at all hours of the passing day

she bends all until the will of her arm and demands compliance
but she offers a vast trove of possibility to those who heed her
she is never known but through sight, sound, and endless movement
since it is not her style to present her secrets to those still untried
her vigilant mind is a whirlwind of activity, and she never finds sleep
but it is in her arms that so many claim their place to settle in and rest
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